Q & Z International Pte Ltd – One stop center for OEM, ODM & OBM services.

Q & Z International Pte Ltd’s main focus is to introduce our OEM, ODM and OBM services by providing a diversified range of services, packaging and products to our clients from around the world. We provides one stop services for new entrepreneurs who are interested to venture into the skin care business and also welcome existing entrepreneurs to expand or produce their own skin care products.

Our house brand products such as Beauty Cottage, Vitaderma, FDF, Celtec, Natural Functional Beverage Premix and Tropical Rainforest Regime has been long established in the market and is well received worldwide offering a wide choice for consumers. With our vast variety of skin care products, it helps to click for info fulfil the various needs of our consumers.

As an International Standard cGMP Manufacturing Facility, we are able to produce safe products of the finest quality with competitive pricing. Training and after sales service are provided to help our customers further understand our products thus meeting our company’s aim of producing the best Quality products and proudly delivered with Zest.


Q & Z International Pte Ltd

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