Make-Up Remover & Cleansing Lotion

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    Make-Up Remover & Cleansing Lotion

    Emollient contained formula, gentle yet deeply cleans skin, remove all kind of skin make-up and dirt. Leave to your skin extra clean, soft and moisturizing. Mild moisturizing formula, suitable for non-grease skin.

    USAGE: To remove make-up, apply onto cotton pad, wipe off all trace of make-up, then apply the product again to face, massage gentle for a while. Add a little amount of water on hand, massage again. The product will turn to milky and easily be rinsed off with water, no more grease at all. Your skin will be moisturized and refined after cleaning. It leaves the smoothens, softens, brightens, cleanness to your skin. Caution: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.

    Product Code: CTS102   Size: 1000ml

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