VC-White Treatment Set (3 in 1)

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    VC-White Treatment Set (3 in 1)

    1) V-White

    Promote the skin natural renewal and remove the dead cells from the skin surface. Smoothen and soften the skin texture. Help reduce skin dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Brighten and lighten skin complexion.

    2) V-Balance

    Help clear skin dark spots and lighten skin tone. Improve skin suppleness and elasticity. Anti-oxidant and help promote the skin. Collagen formation. Repair weaken skin and rebalance the skin pH level after long-term acidic product application.

    3) V-Emulsion

    Effectively lighten skin dark tone. Brighten complexion. Help clear skin dark spots. Even skin coloration. Moisturize and smoothen skin. Promote collagen formation and reduce fine lines. Provide skin elasticity and suppleness. Maintain the youthfulness and beautifulness to skin.

    DIRECTIONS: Push down the powder into the bottle, shake and mix the powder with the lotion until the powder is totally dissolved. Apply the mixed product onto cleansed face. Morning & night. A UV protector is recommend to use during daytime. Minimize the exposure to the sunlight. Each bottle of the product should be finished within 1 week after opened. Caution: Skin irritation may occur to some user, if so, discontinue it, if persistent, consults to your beautician or a physician.

    Product Code: VDW322   Size: 6ml x 3


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